Divine Auto Spa
Licensed, Insured and Internationally Certified Detailers servicing the DMV and based in Fairfax, Va.

Who are we?

Founded in 2022, Divine Auto Spa was created by Daniel Fairshter. It is a premium detailing business, who's primary focus lies within paint correction/protection and coating application(s). We are one of the leading service providers for the DMV's detailing needs.

Our story
Image of Daniel, owner of Divine Auto Spa, waxing the backside of a white 1969 Mustang.

What Do we do?

We provide a multitude of expert detailing services. These range from simple Interior/Exterior cleanings, to Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings. Whatever your detailing needs are, we have them covered!

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Image of the wheel of a 1969 white mustang being sprayed with a cleaning solution and cleaned.

Past Reviews

Erick L.

5 Star rating for this review.
Holy cow!  Daniel’s work on my 15 year-old Prius made it look absolutely phenomenal!  The precise attention to detail, workmanship, and products are top of the heap!  I have always taken good care of my car but the work he did was at a completely different level.  For instance, sun damage to the rear spoiler had me thinking it was going to look crummy for the rest of the time I owned the car.  Daniel eliminated the faded/damaged look.  Additionally, he touched up numerous dings and scratches, dramatically improving the appearance.  I was extremely satisfied with the work.


5 Star rating for this review.
I have a 2015 Jeep Renegade sport that I regularly take to the beach. It gets pretty beaten up by the sand and saltwater, so I'm used to it being messy and impossible to fully clean. However once I took it to Divine Auto Spa it came back to me looking brand new! Something I haven't seen this car look like since I bought it.

Very great service, and was easy to schedule my appointment with Daniel. Definitely coming back once my car gets dirty again (which knowing me will be soon lol).This is some text inside of a div block.

Trang Ouk

5 Star rating for this review.
Daniel did a great job detailing my 18-year old SUV, making it look almost new and sparking clean! He was punctual and responsive, and when a last-minute tool power surge issue came up, he offered to pick up my car to do the detailing at his home and return it after a few hours. We were so pleased with the work he did my husband requested Daniel to do detailing on both of his cars!This is some text inside of a div block.

Christopher C.

5 Star rating for this review.
This is some text inside of a div block.I heavily offroad pretty frequently and have used him after going through heavy mud and dirt. What takes me 3 washes to make my Jeep clean, he does in 1 thorough wash and does it 10x better than what I could’ve done. Very detailed oriented and highly recommend

Miriam L.

5 Star rating for this review.
Excellent service - my had a lot of caked on resin and dirt from a tree that I park under but he got it out and my car looks better than it has in years. Also super convenient since he comes to the house. He is very reliable and great to work with and the prices were reasonable for the excellent service!side of a div block.

Ari S.

5 Star rating for this review.
The products he uses are top of the line and are the best I’ve seen. The headlights came out really nice. While I was there I saw a car he just finished a detail on and The paint looked brand new again. Highly recommend

Fabian G.

5 Star rating for this review.
Divine Auto spa just serviced 2 of my vehicles and did an amazing work. I highly recommend them. Great service, very reasonable price and happy to support my neighborsThis is some text inside of a div block.

Heros A.

5 Star rating for this review.
This is some text inside of a div block.Daniel did his best work on my 9 year old WRX with his interior and exterior basic detail package and made her look like brand new! Quick, reliable, and professional!

B. Marshall

5 Star rating for this review.
Awesome service and a wonderful turn out.  Professionalism at its finest!
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